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Conference time for a career college librarian

October 7, 2011

I love conferences!  They are SO much fun.  I think it’s vital that career college librarians go to as many conferences as possible to network and raise awareness of what our libraries are like.  I just returned from the North Carolina Library Association Biennium Conference in Hickory, NC and I had a GREAT time.  So many fabulous librarians and ideas, I always meet great librarians.  Awesome!

Personally I think you should go to a library conference if you are in a career college library even if you aren’t a librarian in the professional sense.  If you are an English teacher that runs the resource center 25 hours a week you should STILL go to a library conference.  Mostly because any stereotype you have of librarians will be eradicated.  As a matter of fact, EVERYONE, should go to a library conference and then follow someone to the after party.  🙂

One of my favorite topics at this event was on embedded librarianship, which was a panel event with four librarians from my state; Steve Kramer from University of NC at Greensboro, Joli McClelland from Queens University, Jennifer Balance from Central Piedmont Community College and Allan Scherlen from Appalachian State.  Fabulous discussion, questions, and ideas.

The other session I really enjoyed was Everybody Teaches! Creating Effective Online e-learning Experiences with Beth Filar Williams & Amy Archambault from University of NC at Greensboro Lauren Pressley from Wake Forest University.  Again wonderful presentation on instructional design which, like all specialized degrees that teach, isn’t something we learn how to do while getting our  MLS.

The entire event was really fabulous and I have even had the honor of being given the Chair of Membership Committee with NCLA.  I’m excited to get more involved – particularly as a for-profit college librarian.

So – I would love to know who else has gone to a conference (even if you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a library conference)?  What conference was it?  What did you learn?

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