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Career college libraries: fighting the good fight

October 20, 2011

I read just a few minutes ago a new blog post by Seth Godin called Stupid and Lazy.  I like most of his little snippets of knowledge and they make me ponder things sometimes.  Today’s post was no exception.  I was thinking as I read it about the amount of time and energy I spend showing value in our school’s library.  Do you?  Do you find yourself always “fighting the good fight”?  Don’t all librarians sort of do that?  And admittedly there are times the frustration gets so high that I want to stop.  I can make up excuses about not being able to do something when really it’s just that I’m drained.  When that happens I usually curl up inside and take a break, breathe, remind myself of the purpose of what I’m doing so I understand the tasks again.  Then I feel the motivation to fight some more.

I did have one other thought about Seth’s Blog post today and it was this.  Is it bad to walk away?  The example he used in his blog was math but at some point he felt that wasn’t what he wanted to struggle with anymore.  I would argue that it isn’t a bad thing to feel that way, it just is.  And maybe, maybe, it’s positive.  Can walking away from a struggle keep you from getting jaded and bitter?  Can it position you to do better work with another cause?  I think it’s worth considering.  Soul search deep and be sure the cause is right for you.  I know my cause is right for me – education is important.  Libraries create more value in education.  I believe that, it’s a fight I think is worth fighting.

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