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No patrons in the library!

December 29, 2011

I would hazard a guess that every academic library in the country is pretty dead right now, career college or not.  So in honor of all empty library everywhere I thought I would share with you how one college librarian spent her day.

– Showed up at school and checked email.

– Spent time on our school’s Facebook page and other various social networking sites.

– Got caught up on some
professional reading I’ve been meaning to do.  Really check out this article from The Chronicle.

– Went through my entire paper filing system and purged.

– Worked more on the procedural manual for the Evergreen ILS coming to our libraries after the start of the New Year.

And that is it!  Yes ladies and gentlemen this fine librarian spent her entire day getting caught up on administrative tasks that I’ve been needing to do for almost 3 months!  And the best part?  I did it all with my iPod on shuffle.  Yeah – that’s how I roll.  I will admit  to a small taste of boredom though sometime in the afternoon.  After all this was the second day with no patrons.  🙂

How are you spending your (relatively) student free days?  What things do you get caught up on in-between terms??

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