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Career College Librarians – you’re teachers

May 10, 2012

It is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I have had many influential teachers in my life.  My 6th grade home room teacher.  My high school science teacher (who encouraged me to get a degree in biology).  My high school band teacher (who encouraged me to get a degree in music).  A fabulous philosophy professor as an undergrad, a great geology teacher (who encouraged me to get a degree in geology, yes I see the trend).  And the list really just continues.

There are so many ways to focus on this topic in this blog.  I could talk about the great teachers you support at your career colleges.  Trust me, if you haven’t had the experience of conducting a 12 week-long class they deserve major kudos.  I could talk about the teachers I’ve had in my life growing up, the ones that encouraged me while I was young to love learning.  And I do, I really do.

Instead though I thought I would talk about YOU as a teacher because in many ways we all are.  More and more often teaching really becomes quick moments of insight with small informal groups and a computer.  You help in those engagements.  In an average day how many conversations do you have with an individual where you explain some process, project, thought, resource, etc.?  How many times in a day do you show someone how to photocopy, format a letter, prepare a proper bibliography?  I’ll be it’s a lot….(sing-song voice).

Even though my job has become increasingly more administrative I still have several conversations a day where I am teaching a concept to someone; student, faculty or staff and I’m sure you have even more.  So here is my great big THANK YOU to librarians as teachers everywhere!  You totally rock!!

Leave a comment with an example of how you are a librarian/teacher and share with your teaching librarian friends.  And let me know if you are interested in guest posting.  Can’t wait to hear your stories!!!

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