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Whew, what a month

June 26, 2012

Well I knew it was going to be busy and boy has it!  Trying to get my feet back under me and I have some cool ideas (both my own and some reader suggestions) for this blog space.  I have not forgotten this is here!!!

Let me tell you what has been going on:

Finalizing Evergreen migration – and the pain is always in the details right?  It is truly amazing what comes up to deal with at the end of a project.  I’m working on the training module for this for our staff and am so very grateful for the fabulous team I have been working with.  I’m not a huge detail person and some of these librarians are really making sure the little things are in order for the final roll out, wonderful.  It has been a great experience and I have learned a TON!

Marketing 101 – I have been really put through my paces with marketing and PR outreach recently.  Not just social media, though that plays a big part.  I have been asked to oversee the PR for our campus in traditional ways as well.  I’m sending out press releases, learning more about social web analytics and having a great time doing it too.  Boy it is a completely new way of thinking and I think our library will benefit from it a lot.

LibGuides – our library is experimenting with LibGuides and I’m pretty happy with how they have turned out.  I’m hoping that next term we will get more opportunity to work with faculty.

End of term – it’s the end of our term and I love how busy the library gets this time of the quarter.  Computers are being used, questions are being asked, major studying is getting done.  This is what college librarianship is about!

Vacation – Yeah, I went on a week vacation two weeks before the end of a term.  Don’t do that, it is almost not worth it.  lol!!!

Well that has been my month.  I really want to say thank you!  Thank you to everyone still checking in on the blog, for my awesome colleagues without whom I would be unable to function, and for you know… just everything!!

So what have you been up to the last 30 days or so???

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