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Greetings and thank you for taking an interest!  The Career College Library is an attempt to create support and advocacy for libraries and resource centers in for-profit colleges.

The Writer: I’m a library professional in higher education. I believe in the power of social media, relationships and the human spirit. I’m also not above a bit of snark and humor. What I love more than anything else is trying to find answers (go figure) and asking “how can we do it better?”.  I’m enthusiastic and maybe a bit of an idealist.

This is my first attempt at a blog and the goal is to post relevant, positive content on a regular basis, (take that to mean at least twice a month).  It will be my attempt to join the digital conversation, a place I’m just learning to navigate.

Intellectual Property (Copyright):
Ok, I know I’m a librarian but really – I’m not that interested in this.  The information posted here is to challenge us.  If you take the challenge by reading my posts or someone’s post that copied my post then I think I’ve succeed (and let’s be honest, it isn’t like I could stop you).  So here’s the legal jargon:
The author, Jennifer Meyer, released this content into the public domain and no permission is needed to disseminate or modify any content.  My good friend Andrew Odom said it best, “credit is appreciated but not required.”


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