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Moving forward in the career college library?

December 11, 2012

I have been avoiding writing a new post.  I admit it.  I like waiting till I really understand what is going on but reality sometimes just takes SOOO LONG!  And I have missed writing.  So let me give you a somewhat vague, not to personal glimpse into why I haven’t been posting as often and maybe ask for some of your thoughts and ideas.

Alright – let me get the personal stuff out-of-the-way first.  Read more…


Elections and the power of a vote

November 6, 2012

I’ve been away for a while and thanks to everyone who has been checking back every once in a while.  I am excited to get back into the blogging and things are settling down a bit so I’m hopeful I will get back into a groove.

This post is really just to encourage you all to go do your voting today if you haven’t.  This election year seems like a big one (not that any are unimportant) so if you haven’t yet be sure to cast your vote.  Were there any issues that were particularly important for you this year?

Still here….

November 2, 2012

I will be back soon guys! So much to fill you in on….

NCCU ALA Student Chapter

This is the second installment of our interviews with professional librarians series. A big thank you to Jennifer Meyer, Library Director at Miller-Motte in Raleigh, for taking part in our series. Be sure to check out her blog @!

Tell us about yourself!

I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biology (December 2004) and finished my MLS from NCCU in December of 2009.  I currently work as the library director for a small career college in Raleigh, Miller-Motte.  I have been the director there for four years and before that worked at their Cary campus location as the assistant librarian.  I love technology and wish our currently library school curriculum offered more in the way of technical training in IT.  I believe in the changes of our profession and am very excited to see how that change progresses over the next generation.

How did you become a librarian?

I read…

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Career college libraries as communities

August 28, 2012

Did anyone see the post the other day from the Annoyed Librarian?  I don’t really follow the blog but a colleague pointed it out to me the other day and I actually really enjoyed reading and think AL made some fair points.  At the same time I am reading The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk.  (If you haven’t read it you should it is really very good and even though it’s about business it is a great look at social changes).  Then this morning Read more…

Ebooks in the Career College Library

August 1, 2012

So did you read the blog post from the Librarian In Black??  Honestly, I liked it.  I know as a patron I’m very frustrated with the ebook borrowing process. 
Blah, they never have what I want and getting onto my device (which is a Nook BTW) sucks.  I chuckled reading Sarah’s post and felt that the anger was justified.

It got me to thinking though about the ebooks in my library.  I don’t really purchase any ebooks.  The ones I have are part of subscription services through LIRN or ebrary.  Since we don’t purchase them we don’t loan them and so there really isn’t much of an issue in my library.  I’m grateful that I don’t have the same challenges that public libraries do with this monster.  What about you?  Do you purchase ebooks?  How do your borrowing policies work?  And maybe more importantly what do you think of the Librarian In Black’s article?

You did that too? Odd ball jobs in the career college library

July 27, 2012

I remember taking a class as a MLS student that discussed briefly what different libraries are like.  I took a whole course on the “academic library”.  There was recently a discussion on LinkedIn that looked at what class load would prepare a future librarian for a career in a particular setting.  It makes you wonder how much libraries resemble each other.  Is the library at the University of Wisconsin really the same as the library at MIT?  How similar is the Wake County Public Library to the New York Public Library?  I believe I mentioned that I tend to group stuff up by similarity rather than separate out by difference; so what are the similarities in the career college library?

I think to answer that a person has to have an understanding of what a career college is first.  I’m sure there are many interpretations.  Run a quick Google news search for “career college” and you’ll find stories of inflated tuition, misleading information to students and legislation from D.C. on how to monitor our sector of higher education.  What you might be harder pressed to find are the positive changes that career colleges have made in students lives.  I work for one – I’ve seen the success.

Rather than stand on a soap box and shout our positives to the world I would instead like to take the opportunity to talk about the library in that environment.  In the article For-profit colleges respond to increased scrutiny the author, Alan Scher Zagier, states: Read more…

What is a career college library for?

July 9, 2012

It is so important to stay positive.  Really, it is.  People have a different perspective of you when you consistently maintain a positive and upbeat attitude.  I should know, I do it.  I would be willing to bet that the people I interact with the most would tell you first about my enthusiasm and upbeat manner before anything else.  But let’s face it, everyone gets a little down right?

Well lately I’ve been feeling a little down.  I’ve been quick to get frustrated and it was upsetting to me.  I did some thinking.  Do you know what question I kept coming back to?  “What am I doing??” Read more…

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