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Below are a list of projects I have been involved in and a brief summary of the project and my role in it. 

Library Redesign: Winter 2012 (Complete)
     Interior space design for library.  Project included moving book stacks and creating workable “centers” for each academic major in the school.  For a view of the changes watch the video below.


ILS Migration: Winter 2012 (In Progress)
     Worked with IT and librarian team to evaluate and train on the Evergreen ILS system for loading into our system.  Wrote technical manual for the software system with IT personal. 

LibGuides and Moodle Integration: Fall 2011 (In Progress)
     Generating electronic resource lists for our students both on ground and in online classes.  Working to implement an embedded librarian concept into each platform for our students to have more reliable access to a professionally trained librarian.

Electronic Resource Negotiation: Summer 2011 (Complete)
     Created national contracts for Westlaw and LIRN for over 40 campuses.  Continued point of contact for any training or other challenges with vendor for all campuses.

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